#BitcoinCRE London 2018

#BitcoinCRE London 2018

9 Episodes

The second #BitcoinCRE event and 1st international conference. It took place on June 14th 2018 as part of London Tech Week. All the panel discussions and solo presentations of #BitcoinCRE London 2018 are featured.

#BitcoinCRE London 2018
  • #BitcoinCRE London 2018 Recap Video

    Episode 1

  • #BitcoinCRE LDN 2018 - Legal Framework Panel

    Episode 2

    Legal framework for blockchain startups. How should blockchain startups structure their companies and ICOs to comply with various jurisdictions throughout the globe.
    Moderator: Dan Bauer – Managing Partner, Bitsmarter
    Sandy Selman - CEO, CPROP, Lior Abehassera – Head of Investor Re...

  • Zweispace Presentation - #BitcoinCRE London 2018

    Episode 3

    Hayato Kamato, CEO of Zweispace presents his company @ #BitcoinCRE during London Tech Week 2018.

  • BHOM Lab Presentation - #BitcoinCRE London 2018

    Episode 4

    Changsub Lee, Co-Founder of BHOM Lab presents his company @ #BitcoinCRE during London Tech Week 2018.

  • Case Study - #BitcoinCRE London 2018

    Episode 5

    Blockchain in Action. A case study of how an established real estate company is using blockchain in it’s day to day.
    Moderator: Steve Nson – Founder, #BitcoinCRE
    Speakers: Neil Singer – CEO, ClicktoPurchase, Richard Goddard – COO, Hart Street Properties

  • HiP Presentation - #BitcoinCRE London 2018

    Episode 6

    Kai Peeters, CEO of HiP presents his company @ #BitcoinCRE during London Tech Week 2018.

  • KnotelKoin - #BitcoinCRE LDN 2018

    Episode 7

    Amol Sarva, CEO & Co-Founder of Knotel presents KnotelKoin @ #BitcoinCRE during London Tech Week 2018.

  • Blockchain, Crypto, Real Estate #BitcoinCRE LDN

    Episode 8

    Blockchain, Crypto and Real Estate, what’s the big deal?
    Moderator: Alexander Ball – Innovation Manager, ING
    Speakers: Faisal Butt – Chairman, Pi Labs, James Dearsley – Founder, The Digital Marketing Bureau, Stephan Tual –
    Founder, Atlas Neue, Ahmed El Barky –
    CEO, Blocks Investments, Andrew ...

  • Tokenization of Real Estate - #BitcoinCRE LDN 2018

    Episode 9

    From Land Registry to Tokenization of Real Estate. How can governments work with the private sector to restructure how property is bought, sold, owned and registered through the blockchain.
    Moderator: Sammy Pahal – Managing Director, UK PropTech Association
    Peter Bird – Co-Founder, P...