#BitcoinCRE New York 2018

#BitcoinCRE New York 2018

4 Episodes

At the Inaugural #BitcoinCRE Conference, Steven Nerayoff, co-creator and legal architect of the Ethereum ICO was the keynote. The conference covered various topics including; the tokenization of real estate, land registry and blockchain as well as various solo presentations.

#BitcoinCRE New York 2018
  • BitcoinCRE Keynote - Steven Nerayoff

    Episode 1

    Opening Remarks and Keynote Session at BitcoinCRE with Steve Nson and Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff.

  • #BitcoinCRE Recap

    Episode 2

  • Mukhtar Mussabetov - How to Invest in ICOs

    Episode 3

    Mukhtar Mussabetov, CEO of Blockspace Labs discusses the merits of ICOs at BitcoinCRE.

  • Land Registry & Blockchain

    Episode 4

    On this #BitcoinCRE panel on Land Registry and Blockchain, the four panelists include Kesav Dama - Founder @ Sandrine Capital, Ricky Brava - CEO @ Solicient Inc, Clyde Vanel - NYS Assemblyman in District 33 and Craig Johnson - Principal @ Dentons.