#InnovateCRE - BTS and Panel Videos

#InnovateCRE - BTS and Panel Videos

3 Episodes

#InnovateCRE was held during real estate tech week on October 12th, 2017 in New York City. The summit brought together real estate developers, leading tech companies, venture capitalist and media to discuss the evolving challenges around real estate and technology. The focus was on the innovator's dilemma from a real estate perspective.

#InnovateCRE - BTS and Panel Videos
  • InnovateCRE Recap

    Episode 1

    #InnovateCRE was held during real estate tech week on October 12th in New York City.

  • MegaTrends Panel @ #InnovateCRE

    Episode 2

    Steve Nson welcomes everyone to #InnovateCRE and Michael Beckerman from The News Funnel moderates the panel with Amol Sarva - Knotel, Chris Rising - Rising Realty Partner, Jordan Nof - Tusk Ventures, Anton Yakubenko - GeoCV, Sterling Jawitz - Common,

  • User Experience Panel @ #InnovateCRE

    Episode 3

    The user experience panel is moderated by Poonam Mathis from Stealthforce. The panelists are Chris Okada - Okada & Co., Josh Feinberg - Tenavox, Glenn Murray - Fuel, Mike Fransen - Parkway Properties and Bill Staniford - Former CEO, PropertyShark.